About Us

Wondering who we are and why to choose us? Check below!

Innovative Methods & New Technologies

We are implementing new technologies into the marine surveying and expertise business. We widely use drones,
HD cameras and computer based software for performing our surveys, which makes our work for you more complex and reliable. 

Forward Thinking

We think about the future. We are aiming to be there by your side to provide you with our help, when the new problems like cybersecurity issues or environmental protection against harmful emissions from the ships are being tightened by the maritime authorities.

Problem Solvers

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of merchant shipping makes us real problem solvers – there is nothing we cannot cope with!

Customer Support

We care about our customers thoroughly.

We provide door-to-door service, we are mobile and reliable.

We provide best quality services well within the market value.


Our Story

MarInn is a start-up project based on an innovative approach to the maritime expertise industry. Established in April 2019 in Szczecin, Poland by two maritime professionals and ran thereafter as a small scale family business, where the quality of the service is at upmost importance.

The recipients of the project are the ship owners of seagoing and inland vessels, owners of port facilities, shipyards, charterers of the above-mentioned, marine insurers and recipients of goods transported by sea and inland navigation.

The project assumes the introduction of innovativeness to the marine surveying industry, mainly through the use of new technologies, so far not used in the provision of this type of services.

The preparation of maritime expertise (e.g. cargo expertise, cargo quantity measurements, inspection of cargo cleanliness, ship & port facilities damage surveys, stowage and lashing methods, etc.), which is our final product, is often associated with the difficulty of access to the place being assessed (e.g. examination of the hull of a floating vessel, draughts reading , inspection of damage to cargo holds, tanks, ballast tanks, high altitude places, without direct access for the inspector).

For this purpose MarInn implements drones equipped with 4K live motion cameras and photo cameras with high-class optics to be used in remote areas and being controlled by a maritime inspector. This will enable safe and almost unlimited access to all parts of the ship’s hull, its equipment and port facilities. This will allow us to collect photographic and film documentation, which will then be used to prepare detailed and professional expert reports. Drone inspection methods are only in the early stages of implementation for maritime sector around the world.

Another novelty on the Maritime market, which is currently at the development stage, is the use of drones to measure the composition of exhaust gases emitted by sea vessels calling at ports. The Baltic Sea under the MARPOL Convention of 1997 is covered by the Emission Control Area (ECA), which mainly concerns the limits of emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides to the atmosphere. Our drones flying over the funnels of ships moving on the seaports or moored to the quay, using the measuring devices installed on them, will analyze the composition of the emitted gases. After processing these data in a specialized computer software, our inspector would issue the report concerning the fulfillment or violation of standards for emissions of nitrogen and sulfur oxides as well as particulate matter. This will enable us to care for our common good, which is the natural environment and will contribute significantly to the large-scale fight against smog.

Another problem that MarInn is aiming to deal with is the cybersecurity problem of merchant shipping. Shipowners, ports and especially seagoing vessels with the computer networks installed on them are nowadays increasingly popular targets of hacker attacks. Such attacks may cause the exclusion of marine or port units from operation causing financial losses, but also may be a reason for environmental pollution (eg in the case of an attack on tanker reloading systems) or even pose a threat to the life of the crew (e.g.in the event of an attack on ship propulsion control systems or interference with the operation of navigation devices). MarInn will endeavor to use the support of IT and AI specialists as well as research centers of the Maritime University in Szczecin, to carry out the necessary research to develop standards for performing inspections on sea-going vessels in order to improve their cybersecurity.

Capt. Jakub Kucharski, M.Sc.

Capt. Jakub Kucharski, M.Sc.

MarInn Founder & CEO

The originator and the main implementator of the MarInn project.
Jakub is maritime professional. Graduate of three technical faculties: Navigation (B.Sc.), Mechatronics (B.Sc.) and Integrated Transport (M.Sc.)
at the Maritime University of Szczecin; Inland Shipping Captain Unlimited; Merchant Navy Chief Officer Unlimited with 7 years of officer’s experience in the operation of various types of vessels, in particular large tankers for the transport of liquefied gases in bulk (LNG carriers), independent member and sworn expert of the National Chamber of Maritime Commerce KIGM
and the Association of Marine Experts MEA; ADN expert.
The problems Jakub specializes in include: navigation issues, the use of navigational aids and cargo equipment as well as care for the ship and cargo, in particular issues related to the water transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Jakub another interest is inland shipping, in particular small-scale LNG bunkering and use of LNG as marine fuel. He is currently developing this career path, fulfilling the role of deputy captain of the Europe first inland LNG bunker barge Flexfueler001 belonging to the Dutch company Titan LNG, operating in the ARA region (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp).


M.Sc. Wacław Kucharski

M.Sc. Wacław Kucharski

MarInn Associate Partner

Wacław is the Marine engineering expert and professional and he makes great asset for technical issues as the Assosciate Partner to MarInn.
Wacław is graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Maritime University in Szczecin (M.Sc.) Merchant Navy Chief Engineer, a maritime industry specialist with over 35 years of being the person in charge for managing technical aspects of the operation of commercial vessels,
in particular tankers for transporting petroleum products bulk chemicals; independent member and sworn expert
of the National Chamber of Maritime Commerce KIGM
and the Association of Maritime Experts MEA.